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The charter of life is to seek the light
I've sought the light in the treasures of might
But, alas, I find not a speck in sight
I looked down and smiled, I am the light.
:iconeternally-alone:Eternally-Alone 1 0
Pain and heartache;
Loss and fear
Come together and enfold me
Let not pity make you slow
For I am destined
to be laden
With all that I cannot bear.
:iconeternally-alone:Eternally-Alone 1 0
I thought I saw
I felt I knew
Past the lies
Beyond the truth
Was a fool.
:iconeternally-alone:Eternally-Alone 1 0
If you love me...
Life can be a bitch!
Maybe you can
Move on
March past
All of this
And ruin.
Skip it!
Move it!
Drop it!
You have to,
You have to
You have to
I love you.
:iconeternally-alone:Eternally-Alone 1 2
Memory by Eternally-Alone Memory :iconeternally-alone:Eternally-Alone 2 0 Longing by Eternally-Alone Longing :iconeternally-alone:Eternally-Alone 1 1 Chains by Eternally-Alone Chains :iconeternally-alone:Eternally-Alone 1 1 I felt a sob by Eternally-Alone I felt a sob :iconeternally-alone:Eternally-Alone 1 1 He believes by Eternally-Alone He believes :iconeternally-alone:Eternally-Alone 1 0
My opaline life reflects
All the colourful moments
On a dark canvas.
Remnants of cherry embraces
Encrusted on my carpet;
Flaming tangerine sighs floating through
The bedroom windows every night;
Fumbling emerald lips,
Dripping Eu-de-Nil melodies,
Embedded in the couch;
Cerise flushes linger
Where your soothing caresses flowed;
Your amaranthine glances
Still cling to my pillow,
Casting shades of indigo
On my tearless eyes.
You vanished,
Vestiges of your colours
:iconeternally-alone:Eternally-Alone 1 0
I am a Failure
To you
My writing has no import,
My reading no class.
You make all my words
Seem like carcasses of thoughts,
My thoughts
Irrational whims.
Nothing I do or say
Is enough to win your respect,
You would have me love you,
You tell me
you love me too.
Your apathy to my desires
Sometimes makes me wonder,
Do you love me,
Or the way
I love you?
:iconeternally-alone:Eternally-Alone 1 5
I am
But a traveller.
You pitied my wretchedness
and took me into your world
where I,
fool that I am,
feel at home,
consume with gratitude
the scraps of leftover
love you cast my way
and try to please you
in vain.
I love you,
deeply and completely,
and am ever-fearful
of the day when,
no longer needed,
I shall be thrown,
once again,
on my forlorn path
for I never forget:
already resides
in the house where
I am
But a guest.
:iconeternally-alone:Eternally-Alone 2 1
I asked,
Love may blight your life,
cause the light to fade,
and the days to darken.
A moment's joy,
a lifetime of pain.
Why do you stay where
only sorrows reside?
He replied,
I love.
:iconeternally-alone:Eternally-Alone 0 4
Chess by Eternally-Alone Chess :iconeternally-alone:Eternally-Alone 1 6


Longing by fursid Longing :iconfursid:fursid 13 5
The Last Sunset
“Mr. Heinrae, though I must apologize for being the one to make this shocking revelation  to you in your current condition but as is, there is nothing that can be done. The wounds you sustained during the accident are too severe-the surgeon has declined to operate on the basis of potential loss of blood. Is there anything you would want done as per your entitlement to a last wish?”
“Mr. Heinrae, is there any wish, anything you would want carried out as your last wish? I repeat for the last time: is there anything you would want done? No. Very well then, I take my leave of you good Sir. A pleasant day to-”
“Excuse me Sir? Did I just hear you utter the word Sunset! Is that your last wish? To witness a Sunset!” Noticing, upon detailed scrutiny, the bleak yet present assertive change of expression, the nurse continued, “Must I inform you Mr. Heinrae that your whim may cost you heavily-even you Life! Your health does
:iconorald:Orald 2 1
Remember by sohabd Remember :iconsohabd:sohabd 1 1
Sassi Punnu
Sassi Punnu
Once, A long time ago-maybe 800 Years-In the Deserts Of Thal a lone figure could be seen, and it is there that a storm raged, not a dust storm moving the dunes of the desert, but one within this man, a man betrayed by fate, as he stood over the lifeless figure of his beloved, dead since a few days. Grief stricken, the man looked upon the site, a woman, his love, lost to love, lost to the world; a woman who floundered in the desert for the sake of whom, himself, she loved and even now, in death-Her beauty, striking while the blood coursed through her veins, was to be even more regal; more striking. The body, the flesh, burnt upon the hot sands of  Thal.
This is the fate of Sassi, the abandoned daughter of the King of Bhambore, and this is the tale that shall hence forth be told.
A popular folk tale and a legend of remarkable beauty and mysticism in the plains of Sindh and the coasts of Balochistan's Makran Coast, Sassi Punnu is the story of tragic heart break, thwa
:iconorald:Orald 1 22
Oh Lord! What Tragedy Be It?
That The Fire, Alighted With Purpose Such!
The Spirit, Undying, Conceived, With Passion Such!
By The Greatness Of One, August As Thee….
Burn That, Sought Which, It, To Protect There as,
Ablate That, The Sistine Sky, Which Meant To Shelter.
How Be It Then, Lord, Dearest Of All?
That Purpose Meant, Was Never Fulfilled!
And Man, The Fire Undying-Sit Still, Dorsal, On It’s Throne!
What Mischance Or Mishap, Then, Be It?
That The Chapel, Artful, Thy, Creation,
Burn, For-Ever More, In It’s Wake!
Oh Lord! Wisest Of Sages All, How Dost It Be:
That Architect, Of Nature, Such As Thine;
Father Of Sibylline, All, That Exists!
Fail Ever – To Conceive, The Simplexes, Of Flaw, Thine!
Lord, Good – Shall It Be Now, Or Never!
That Acts Of Thy Conceived, Bring To Notice, Yours Shalt:
That Fire; By Your Own Design, Cunning,
Is Meant, For-Ever More, Only To Burn!
:iconorald:Orald 4 23
.........for How Long Will You
Words, that oft come to mind, of despair
Never, really, are; put to the sword of the tongue
Thoughts formed oft, out of reliance
Shall never truly be, but shapeless haunts of the mind
Things felt, of love and of despair, of hopelessness
Shall always be, but firm imprints on a hardened slate
Life given, of devotion and of things unbeknownst
Can never really be, but smoke in wisps, to a fairer mind
With the heart, shattered ages past, a thought is spoken
How long will you break, a thing already broken?
With a limb already broken, how far will you travel?
With a life already given, how long can you exist?
For a soul already given, what more can you give?
With the corpse that is animated, how long are you to pretend?
Against fate that is of writ, wage, how long will you?
With that which is given how long can you play?
In idleness when you sit, how long is it to be ignored?
That which is bestowed, and that which is taken
Na´ve you can be, but for what endless time to come
You are but a conj
:iconorald:Orald 4 11
How Do You Confess.........
How do you confess
To the lies that never were spoken
How do you convey
That which never could make a difference
How do you express
That which is devoid of time
How, yourself, do you deceive
When lying was never your choice
How, yourself, do you avoid
When making devoid, yourself of yourself, is not possible
How, ever, do you haunt time
When haunting can not turn back the time
How, ever, do you call it a day
When calling it a day, never really mattered
How, can you, do you forfeit
That which was never meant to be abandoned
How will you, ever, humble out
When humbling out was never your option
How long can you, do you, beg
When in begging there is no answer
How ever, will you plea
When pleading never did yield, you, a result
How, ever, shall you, apologize
When apologies never could suffice
How, ever, do you suffice for the someone
When in the end, you do not suffice, but it is they who do so for you
How do you, However can you, die
When in death, you cannot emanate solace
How do you, e
:iconorald:Orald 6 35



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